Terminate RJ45 Ends for Cat5/6 Cable Fast With This Simple How-To

Installing those clear RJ45 ends onto Cat5e or Cat6 cable can sometimes be a test of patience. Become a pro by following this how-to guide and crimping tips/tricks.

Materials Needed: PCL RJ45 Quick Crimp Kit


  1. Prepare the Cable:
    • Use the cable stripper to carefully strip about 1.5 inches of the outer insulation from the end of the Ethernet cable.
    • Slip on a boot to the cable
    • Untwist and straighten the four twisted pairs of color-coded wires.
  2. Arrange the Wires (T568B Standard – see graphic below on this page):
    • Order the wires from left to right as follows:
        1. White with Orange
        2. Orange
        3. White with Green
        4. Blue
        5. White with Blue
        6. Green
        7. White with Brown
        8. Brown
  3. Trim Excess Wires:
    • Trim any excess wire to ensure that all wires are of equal length and fit into the RJ45 connector properly.
  4. Insert Wires into RJ45 Connector:
    • Slide the arranged wires into the RJ45 connector, ensuring each wire reaches the end of the connector.
  5. Check the Alignment:
    • Confirm that the wires are in the correct order and fully inserted into the connector. Verify the color-coding against the T568B standard.
  6. Crimp the Connector:
    • Place the clear RJ45 connector into the crimping tool, ensuring it’s positioned all the way to the end of the tool.
    • Squeeze the crimping tool handles firmly to crimp the connector onto the cable, securing the wires in place.
    • Slide boot into place
  7. Inspect the Connection:
    • Visually inspect the connector to ensure all eight wires are securely crimped, and none have slipped out of the connector.
  8. Test the Cable:
    • Use a cable tester to verify a successful assembly of the RJ45 ends you’ve attached to the cable.