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PCL Protect™

The PCL Protect™ extended coverage plan takes the worry out of future repairs. Maximize the life of your church’s equipment investment by adding PCL Protect™.

All Pro Church Lights equipment includes a 2-year full coverage warranty. By adding PCL Protect™ you gain 3 additional years of coverage, extended HotSwap™ enrollment, free ground shipping to your location, 48 hour repair service.

Add PCL Protect™ today for

$99 per fixture

PCL Protect™ can be added anytime within the first 6 months of purchase. ALL PCL fixtures on your order must obtain coverage at the same time and within 6 months of the original purchase date. Exclusions apply. Talk to a PCL support specialist today for more details.

With PCL Protect™ your out-of-pocket costs for parts and repair:

LED = $0

100% covered with PCL Protect™

Internal Fans = $0

100% covered with PCL Protect™

Circuit Boards = $0

100% covered with PCL Protect™

Power Supply = $0

100% covered with PCL Protect™

Menu and Buttons = $0

100% covered with PCL Protect™

FACT: You depend on your light fixtures supply of light to adequately light your church stage and auditorium without downtime or distraction.

No matter the manufacturer, LED fixtures are most susceptible to repairs in the fourth and fifth years of ownership. With PCL Protect™, you could avoid the expense and headache of repairs.

FACT: High-tech components are covered.

Today’s fixtures include high-tech components, LED chips and circuit boards. With PCL Protect™ all internal components are 100% covered costing you $0 for replacement parts and priority repair service.

FACT: The cost of repairs will only rise over the years.

Parts and materials are not getting any cheaper. Protecting your fixtures with PCL Protect™ helps you save on unexpected repairs down the road and maximizes life on your lighting investment.

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