Pro Wash Max™

Watch the setup video

In this short 2 minute video, you’ll learn the essentials needed to utilize your Pro Wash Max™.


Key steps for setting up your fixture...

Step 1

Unbox your fixture and its parts. Included are the fixture, barn doors, power cord, short DMX cable and color temperature filter/gel.

Step 2

Attach the power cable by inserting the blue PowerCon™ connector into the fixture and twisting it to lock.

Step 3

Plug into power and press the power switch to the ON position.

Step 4

Patch the fixture into your software or controller. (View patching example below)

Step 5

Set the DMX address and mode using the menu + up/down buttons. Navigate until you see "d001". Use the up/down arrows to set the DMX address.

Step 6

Mount your fixture, attach the barn doors and connect DMX cable to your other fixtures, distributor or controller using the in/out DMX port.

Fixture Profiles


Software patching examples

Don't see your controller listed?
Simply follow the concepts outlined in the patching examples.
View your specific software or controller manual for related patching instructions.


Pro Wash Max™ User Manual


Use the slider knob on the right hand side of the fixture. Turn to loosen the slider and move forwards/backwards to adjust the beam size.

Rigging guides are available to PCL customers only. Please login to view detailed rigging guides.

Your software will dictate what DMX address you should set to your fixture. View the software patching examples on this page for more detail.

The color temperature filter included with your fixture is optional. The native color temp is 3200k. To achieve 4000k, simply attach the filter to the front of the fixture using the included magnets.

Check to make sure the PowerCon™ end is twisted and locked into the fixture. Check the power switch. Check the fuse. Check the power cord and power source.

This is most likely caused by your DMX or Mode being set incorrectly. Please check your DMX addressing and mode settings.

Yes, simply use a power chain cable to connect power between fixtures. Up to 6 fixtures can be chained together.

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